Last week I shared a special video, a view into my relationship and how it has grown in the past year.  I also shared that I am on a mission to empower women.  Women’s desires are the key to healthy relationshipsRead more below to find out why you should trust your desires!

Do you find yourself second guessing your desires?  Here are 3 reasons why women’s desires are actually healing, and how they serve the greater good.

1) Women’s Desires Are In Tune With Nature. 

As women, our desires spring from our bodies which are connected to Nature.  We follow natural rhythms in our menstrual cycle.  Our bodies are in synch with the moon, sun and earth, and we absolutely need Nature to re-balance our nervous systems.

When we ask for what we need and want for our bodies, it is usually “softer, slower, more awareness, tune in, more sensual, energy-based, deeper.”  These things that we need to thrive and to be well are also what society and the earth need right now to rebalance.

2) Women’s Desires Are Relational.

Women look out for others, we keep watch over the family, the children, community.  A lot of our desires are in relation to the wellness of the whole.  Women don’t just want to get ahead, get recognized, get rich, get laid.  We want to bask in the joy of others thriving alongside us.  We’d rather collaborate than compete.  The more we see the community at whole in harmony, the more bliss for us!

3) Women’s Desires Are Often Pleasure, Not Productivity-Based

Imagine you are in your kitchen making a lovely meal.  You put on some nice music.  You open the window to let in the fresh air.  You meander out to your garden to pick some fresh herbs, you sip some ice tea.  You get an inspiration to write a little poem and you jot it down in your notebook.

Feminine energy meanders, fluctuates, senses, flows.  Masculine energy drives toward target, focuses and achieves.  Masculine is a very necessary energy.  But as a masculine-emphasized society, we have become over-independent, over-mental, and often pushing toward productivity at the expense of pleasure.

Feminine energy votes for presence of body, enjoyment of the senses, being sensual, essentially “stopping to smell the flowers.”  Therefore, a woman who follows her flow and takes time for softness, spaciousness, and embodiment brings beauty and pleasure into everything and every person she touches.

Your desires.  Bring ’em on, women!  There is a good chance that we all need what you need!

Remember – love is your nature.

Zoey Wren

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