5 years ago I was a struggling piano teacher who felt like I couldn’t stand to teach another piano lesson.  Now I am a relationship coach.  I am in love with my work.  I’m on the edge of my seat.  How did such a transformation happen?

Have you ever woken up one morning and felt you were a different person? When I look back at where I was only 5 years ago, I see that I have been through a fire.  So has my relationship.  I felt so stuck as a piano teacher.  I was uninspired and financially unhappy and I didn’t know where to turn.  I knew that I wanted to do healing work and to work at my full potential but I didn’t know that I needed two things that I didn’t quite have a handle on yet. 

First, I needed coaching.  Coaching opened up my world, brought me out of my shell and into a tribe of other conscious women who were also on a fast track to transformation.  Second, I needed to heed the messages of my body.  Not just be aware of the messages of my body but actually listen to them and follow through.

As I began to listen more to my body and invest in life and business coaching, I turned to my singing.  I took on a few voice students as a bridge from the piano teaching.  I was passionate about the healing power of voice.  Although I loved empowering my new students to sing better, there was something missing.  I wanted to help people not just to sing or improve their voice but to live and to thrive!

I had started offering intuitive life coaching spontaneously within music lessons, so I decided to become a certified life coach in 2014. I also decided to start a women’s singing circle.  There were a lot of synchronicities around these two decisions that helped me step up my game. Singing with other women every week began to transform not just our singing voices, but all of our lives. 

I still needed to figure out how to make money, preferably more money than a piano teacher, so I enrolled in a year-long group business coaching program in 2016 with 125 other women.   During this program I was challenged to figure out which group of people I wanted to help as a coach.  I kept coming back to “find your voice.”   Who needs to find their voice, I asked myself over and over again?

I honed in on healers.  Healers are undervalued in society.  Yet we need their gifts to make this important and inevitable planetary shift that is going on.  I began to support healer entrepreneurs to create thriving businesses.   My clients began to thrive, my coaching business began to thrive and I began to thrive!  Check out my healers website.

Being surrounded by amazing women visionaries and leaders bringing forth amazing work was awesome.  But when the year-long program ended, so did my juice for business coaching.

Meanwhile I had been cultivating another kind of juice.  For as I stepped into my power as a woman, as an entrepreneur, and as a coach, my perspective on life took some wild turns.  I was discovering what it meant to be in my sensuality, in my power and in my passion with my work.  Alongside this my relationship had to change.

I was no longer okay being a homemaker artist barely scraping by and being financially supported by my husband.  Stepping out of this caused us both to question who we were as a couple and what were our new roles.

What we discovered is that we both needed to break out of our old selves.  We started discovering ways we wanted to learn, grow and expand beyond our wildest dreams, with full support from one another.

We began learning contact improv dance together and going regularly to ecstatic dance. My husband hired a business coach and started his own wedding photography business.  We started scheduling regular dates and getaways.  We booked ourselves in at the local float spa and blocked off time for love explorations at home.  We started learning tantra.

When I look back now, I see that I had so much more to offer in this world, and that my relationship with my man was and is a big part of that..  My partner was in fact ready all along to step up his game and to be there for me even more fully and more deeply.

What we have and what I have learned about life energy, sensuality, communication, connection, intimacy, trust and being in empowered relationship is what I now teach my clients.

I just wanted to share my story for those of you who have been following me for a while.   It is amazing to look back and see how everything unfolded.  I love my new work.  I feel like I have landed.

Disclaimer:  Don’t step into a fast moving stream pointed down unless you are ready for the ride of a lifetime!  My stream was moving so fast that once I turned downstream, by receiving coaching and listening to my body, there was never a question of going the other way!!  The stream was way too fast and way too strong!

I am so grateful for the sisters that continue to travel alongside me, and for my amazing partner for whom I thank my lucky stars every day.

I also want to acknowledge myself. I want to acknowledge myself for my courage and continual saying of “yes.”  Yes!  I have arrived at a sweet spot, and I celebrate all that I have  to give and share.

Thank you for following me on my transformational journey.  I hope to assist you and inspire you more on yours.

Stay tuned for some great live events this fall!