Zoey Wren is a devoted lover of life and a dedicated explorer in the nature of love. Besides being married for over twenty years and learning through the lab of her own relationship, she has made it her personal quest to answer the question:

“What does it mean to be fully empowered, fully expressed, and fully embodied as a woman?”

 As a relationship coach, Zoey teaches individuals and couples how to heal and transform, connecting to greater love, passion and fulfillment through powerful communication, self awareness, and authentic sexuality.

Zoey is the founder of Women’s HeartSong, a group that supports women to open their voice and heal through sound and song.  She is also the developer of the Business-of-Healing-Mentorship Program, a jump start coaching program for healers.

Through her two decades of experience as a coach and energy healer and her own body-mind transformation, Zoey empowers women and their partners to lead extraordinary lives of love.  She is committed to bringing alive the Divine Feminine and co-creating a planet for All Beings to live in energetic, biological, cellular, and ecological harmony.


Zoey is a Graduate of Entrepreneurial Leadership Academy with Sage Lavine, a Life Coach through Wisdom of the Whole Coaching Academy, and a Certified Vibrational Healer through the RMA Mystery School in Hawaii.  She is also a Certified Yoga Teacher, Sound Healer, and Reiki Master.  Zoey has taken courses in Craniosacral Therapy, Dance Therapy, and Aromatherapy Massage.  She is the producer of 3 CDs and holds a Bachelor of Music from McGill and a Bachelor of Education from UBC.  Zoey is currently studying to be a Certified Sex and Relationship Coach through the Somatica Institute in California.

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