This week I want to talk about touch.  Touch has so many benefits for health. For one it releases oxytocin, the “cuddle hormone.” This produces a sense of trust and positive connection.  It also lowers cortisol levels, thus lowering stress in your body.  It reduces pain and boosts your immune system!

So why aren’t we all going around cuddling and touching each other more?

The other day at the swimming pool I realized how touch taboos are so tied to culture.  Because it is not uncommon to see Korean or Chinese women doing self care in the steam room, tapping their faces, stimulating energy meridians, massaging themselves.  In fact it is considered a part of healthy aging!

Self touch is healthy.  It is honouring.  

But I am guessing if you are like me you may feel shy as a woman to draw attention to yourself in public.  And what about in private? Do you feel shy to touch yourself?  Because if so, it might just be cultural shame.  It is embedded deep.

But what if you really told yourself that no one is watching?  And self touch needs not be sexual.  It can be nurturing.  Self-loving.  Self-affirming.  Relaxing.  Sensual.  All of the above.  ….

Our culture is terribly touch -starved.  And while it is not considered normal to touch ourselves the way some cultures do in public, you can fill our own cup at home.  Honour yourself by getting to know and love your body.  Then you can love and touch others more and communicate to them how to touch you.

Let’s make this a more touch positive and touch-empowered world!  It will solve a lot of problems that come from touch deprivation.

Remember: Love is your nature!

I’ll talk to you next week,