Goddess Pleasure: Demystifying Self-Pleasure

What if you could give YOURSELF everything you are not getting from sex?

Be honest. Why don’t you self-pleasure? Or self-pleasure more often?

What holds you back?  Let’s get an honest conversation going…

In my last video I shared with you what was holding me back and how I broke through my own personal resistance.  Part of it was realizing what self-pleasure really was and wasn’t.

WATCH THE VIDEO ABOVE for some de-mystification of self-pleasure for women.Does self-pleasure feel frivolous? Useless? Dishonest? I know that some women actually feel like they are cheating on their spouse.

But your pleasure is yours! Not only that, spending time with yourself is the surest way to become more at ease and confident with a partner. You can tell them what you like and how to touch you.

Self-pleasure is nourishing. It is energizing. It is healing. It is good for you and your partner.

In my upcoming videos, I will be introducing to you my 5 Petal™ Tantra system for women’s self-pleasure practice. This is a great approach to self-pleasure that not only takes the pressure off “getting off”, but also is more likely to give you your best orgasms. It involves whole body touch, the right kind of genital touch, breath, sound, and a whole lot more!

I’m so excited to unroll this bouquet of information that I have been collecting and practicing over the last 2 years.   

I created the 5 Petal™ Tantra system to address the main complaints I hear from women clients when it comes to sex:

1) Not enough foreplay

2) Needing more emotional connection

3) Needing more whole body touch

4) Needing more time

5) Needing to move and express more creatively and freely

I am going to teach you how to do all these things with and for yourself! This will help you ask for more and for what you really need from a partner.

Wouldn’t it be great if partnered sex were truly the “cherry on the cake”?

That is what awaits!
Also, I will be launching a Goddess Pleasure Basics course in February, so stay tuned.

 Love is Your Nature,

– Zoey


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