How much do you prioritize pleasure in your life? When do you focus on it? And what is the challenge for you in prioritizing pleasure?

Do you focus instead on:

  • Productivity
  • Survival
  • Relationship Harmony (not rocking the boat)

These were my top 3 biggies.  I needed to be turned toward pleasure. To be told I could love my body, to focus on it. And to be told how…..

In truth, pleasure is the felt sense of the nature of the universe. The very fabric of the universe is made of bliss; ecstasy. You were born of ecstasy and, orgasm! Focusing on pleasure actually tunes you into alignment with your deepest inner nature.

But for a lot of women it takes permission to tune into and focus on pleasure.


Because – you were conditioned by your society to watch out for others; to care for your family, to attune to your community, to please your partner. You were told that your pleasure should be at the bottom of the totem pole. Are you ready for this to change?

Welcome to my new video blog series on Goddess Pleasure, where I am going to take you through some common obstacles to women’s pleasure and out way beyond!!

Get ready for a journey into self-pleasure, an exploration of how self-pleasure works for women, how to start or develop your own self-pleasure practice, and how to customize your practice to suit your unique body and desires. This is going to be a great ride!

You can start by watching the video below to learn about and discover your current relationship with pleasure.

The Goddess Pleasure series is about removing obstacles to experiencing more pleasure in your life. Specifically I am going to share with you some amazing tools to take your self-pleasure practice to a whole new level. And if it’s something brand new to you, welcome sister! You are in the right place at the right time!

If you are a guy reading this newsletter, please share the good news with the women in your life and pass along this blog to them.

In this video series for women, I will be drawing on the ancient art of Tantra or sacred sexuality.   I will also be diving into the field of human psychology and eroticism to help you understand what turns you on and why. You can look forward to some Goddess embodiment practices that you can start integrating into your lifestyle at home right away!

I’m so honoured to be passing this information on to you free of charge because I believe that all women everywhere need access to self-empowered sexuality.

I know that I found this type of mentorship and community hard to find.   I, myself, was a late bloomer when it came to masturbation and self-pleasuring. I had a lot of shame and fear. I had a lot of responsibilities in my youth, I was focused on productivity, survival, and not rocking the boat! I was also out of my body a lot. It took a while just to start coming into and living fully in my body.

Then there was the issue of being taught you couldn’t be smart AND sexy as a young teen. I chose smart. It took me a long time to embrace the idea that I could be BOTH!

What about you?

What is at stake for you as you consider the idea of adding more pleasure to your life? As you consider truly and fully thriving? It’s an interesting question….

The idea of focusing on pleasure can bring up fear. Fear of being loved, wanted, and respected. But nothing could be further from the truth, that if you thrive you can’t keep up your role or care for others in your life. When you thrive you have so much more to give!

Self-pleasure is the key and starting point to all healthy relationships. All relationships start with your relationship with yourself.

In this series I will be exploring with you what gets in the way of prioritizing pleasure, what does pleasure look like to you, what does it feel like in your body, how to expand your capacity for pleasure, and how specifically to work with Tantra and sacred sexuality practices.   I will be introducing to you my 5-Petal Tantra system for liberated energy expansion.

Women’s pleasure is unique and beautiful. However, a lot of us get stuck trying to emulate men or trying to emulate porn or trying to emulate Cosmos “top ten tips and tricks.” Women’s pleasure is so much deeper and wider.  It opens the playing field to a whole new way of feeling sensation and experiencing life.

I look forward to de-mystifying some of the blocks to self- pleasure and giving you some practical tools to fortify both the WHY and the HOW of pleasure.

Watch this week’s video to determine your starting point with pleasure, so you can start to clear more time and space for it!

And stay tuned for more.

Remember, Love is your Nature!