With Valentine’s Day on the way, love is in the air! Thoughts of love, feelings of love, and maybe the disappointments of love too…

What would make Valentine’s Day truly special for you this year?  Watch my video blog on saying YES to pleasure, if you haven’t already done so.

And what would make Valentine’s Day not so shiny?  Could it be unfulfilled desires? Desires are important.

Deepak Chopra says we should not try to “overcome” desires but rather we should become more proficient at meeting our desires.

Being connected to and knowing what you want is one of the keys to being fulfilled in life. Filling your own cup first and nourishing your own radiance allows you to connect more fully and be there for your Beloved.

A lot of people have a hard time asking for what they want.  Here are 3 steps to heal your relationship with desire so you can know what to ask for, and how! 

STEP 1:  Accept that desire is good. In fact the word desire literally means “from the sire,” or from a higher source. Desire is actually a lamp post guiding you toward your own healing, evolution, joy, and greatest service to others. If you do not think your desires are good, you are in a battle with life force energy because life will continue to give you opportunities for happiness, whispering in your ear, manifesting synchronicities, or alternately kicking you in the butt!

Start saying this to yourself: “my desire is a force of good.”

STEP 2:  Once you accept step one, the second step to healing your relationship to desire is to figure out exactly what you want.  What makes you stand out from anyone else? What are your unique desires?  There are no wrong desires or right desires.  Desires just are.  And you are the only one who can know yours.

STEP 3: Now ask for what you want.   Then to open to receive it.  The healing in step three comes from what energy you stand in as you ask.  As you ask, are you calm and loving? Are you cringing or disbelieving? Being able to be loved by another starts with being able to love yourself.   Then you can be in receptive mode.  

Wishing you a healing and wonderful month of love!

Love is your nature,