What is this elusive thing called sensuality?  Does it require years of intensive training and practice?  Do you need to read dozens of books to learn this mystical skill?  Of course not!

Sensuality is simply being fully awake and alive in your five senses. Even more, it’s about knowing how to utilize your five senses to bring you joy, pleasure, rapture, ecstasy and bliss. Does this sound good? Want to learn more?

I’d like to share with you a simple exercise that I developed when returning from my first Sex and Relationship Coach training in Berkeley a few years ago. First I will tell you how the exercise came about.

I left the training early on a Tuesday morning to fly home to Vancouver. I was driving my rental car on a maniacal five-lane freeway. In the Bay Area everyone seems to drive twice as fast as on Canadian highways. Wow!

But I was so in my body from the training that the traffic, the speed, and the necessity to catch my flight on time could not shake my state.

Instead of fretting about the insanity and number of metal objects flying by me, I found my eyes roaming out towards the soft green rolling hills. Picking up the delicious early morning sunlight, I noticed that they were vibrating with a soft glow, the same soft glow I was feeling inside.

Then I decided to play a game to expand my state. I started putting words to all the beauty I was seeing around me. I began to give words to the sensual quality of the hills, the sky, the trees, the sunlight. The more I played this game, the more words rolled off my tongue. Here are some of the words that were coming to me:

”Soft. Glowing. Velvety. Rolling. Warm. Scintillating. Verdant. Lush. Strong. Pulsing. Penetrating. Effusive. Expansive. Flowing. Melting.”

Saying these words did indeed expand my sense of embodiment and sensuality.

Just like the ancient sages discovered the postures of yoga while being in states of deep meditation in nature, the same is true for practicing sensuality – and nature is a great teacher and lover.

Nature is in a constant state of bliss and sensuality. If you want to become more sensual through this simple exercise, here are a few guidelines:

One. Go outside. Look around you and start to tune into your five senses.

Two. Begin to put words to what you see, hear, smell, feel and taste. Literally use your voice out loud. That is what I did in the car that morning. Speak the words. You will receive double the benefit when you speak aloud the words that describe what you are experiencing.

Three. Notice how naming the sensuality of nature puts you more into your body and into feeling more sensual.

Being sensual is in fact becoming like nature. Nature is a bouquet of sounds, sights, tastes, feelings, and smells. By practicing this exercise you open and receive all the gifts that are embedded in every city park, in every greenbelt, in a forest, and even along a rushing strip of speeding cars!

Your body is made of nature.

Nature is sensual.

Sensual is your nature.

Name it and you claim it!

– Zoey