What do you do when negative emotions come up in relationship? In the bedroom?   How do you face the issues caused by love, or triggered by sex?  

Negative emotions such as frustration, fear, grief, disappointment, and resentment feel so inconvenient especially in the heat of the moment.  But they are actually doorways for connection – AND DESIRE!

 In this video I teach 2 tools for turning around resentment.  First you need to feel the feeling fully instead of brushing over it.  Second, you need to replace it with what you really want or intend in the moment.  Watch the video to learn how to recognize resentment before it is too late:

What do you really want in your sex life?  What qualities would you like to bring?

For me it is different things at different times.  Right now I want my partner to totally trust me, to lean into me and lay down his burden, to soften to my touch and to share his emotions.  I want the qualities of surrender, deep connection, and joyfulness!  In order to experience it, first you must intend it…… 

What do you want?  There is no wrong or right here.  Everyone is different.

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Love is Your Nature,
 – Zoey Wren