I wanted to take a moment this week to pause and appreciate my amazing partner and my amazing relationship!  Reuben and I have been together for 22 years.  We have been through storms, droughts, rainbows, sunshine, curveballs, and festivals of joy.  We have become new people again and again and struggled to watch and support each other to change and grow. Without love, none of it would be possible.

Beyond all the concepts, the skills, and the strategies of relationship, and underneath all the experiences, struggles and adventures is simply – LOVE!

LOVE is beyond name and form.  LOVE is.  LOVE keeps us going.  LOVE expands through us and allows us to delight in each other over and over again!

I am so grateful to this man in my life I wish everyone this same amazing experience.

Please remember: Love is your nature!

Have a great week,