LOVE in confinement ?… Do you want some RELATIONSHIP support?

How is your heart?
How is your life feeling in this strange new world we are in?

I know that emotions have been running high in my household. I have found it harder than usual be kind all the time; to use my best relationship and communication skills. At the same time, I have been feeling incredibly grateful for my partner and for all the tools we do have to create relationship harmony.

Are you struggling with being confined? Finding that your relationship issues are coming up? Are you feeling overwhelmed or frustrated? Experiencing unexplained waves of emotions? Higher stress?

I’ve got some really helpful relationship tools and resources that I would love to share with you at this time. It’s such a relief to know what to do when you get triggered; how to express your needs and boundaries to your partner with love. And to know how to bring them down when they get triggered too

How do you stay present with one another? How do you stop old habits? How do you get your needs met for safety, love, touch, space, connection, intimacy, freedom?

This time of isolation is requiring deep vulnerability and authenticity in relationships. But it can be super challenging when we don’t have the skillset to start with.

So I want to make you a special offer! I currently have 5 spots open in my coaching practice. If you have never done coaching with me before online, I am offering you a first session free.

This will give you a sense of how you can benefit from coaching, through these times.

Here’s a little bit more about me:

I work with both couples and individuals offering couples counselling as well as one-on-one sessions for both women and men. In sessions, we work on attachment issues, communication issues and skills for intimacy.

My personal journey, my training in Somatica®, Life Coaching, and Energy healing, as well as my background as a sound healer and musician has taught me how to help others create healing, harmony, fun, and passion in relationship. It’s about knowing how to listen deeply to yourself and another. Also knowing how to communicate your true feelings while letting another know that you feel, see and hear them.

I want to make it easy for you to take me up on my offer of a free session.

All you need to do is click on this link and have a look at my available times. Once you choose a time I will send you as a link and we can go from there. Individual sessions are 75 minutes. Couples sessions are 90 minutes.


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