Have you ever started avoiding sex because it feels like too much work? Or do you have the experience of going through the motions but not being very turned on?

One of the 8 reasons for low desire in women is lack of emotional safety.  Here’s the deal:  you need to feel SAFE in order to feel turned on! 

If you are a woman, you have certain qualities that need to be acknowledged to feel received and loved.  It’s in feeling honoured in your femininity that your body opens up.

In this video I share with you what I have learned from tantra about women’s bodies and women’s turn on.  We need to feel safe, in particular, in our BELLY and in our HEART centres to open sexually.

Watch the video now to learn more.

Your heart centre and belly centres as well as your third eye (intuition) are part of what make you, energetically, a woman. 

You give outwardly from these centres.  Just like men naturally give outwardly from their root chakra, solar plexus and throat centres.  This is not to say we are not all able to give and receive from all our energy centres, but there is a natural polarity between men’s and women’s energy bodies and physical bodies.

Watch the video this week to learn how to truly honour your natural gifts of love and creativity and how to ask your partner to hold space for these centres so you can let loose and let yourself play!  Emotional safety IS foreplay for women!!

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juici-fying your love life!

Love is Your Nature,
– Zoey Wren