Do you struggle to maintain your weight?  Do you spend a lot of time on your self- image and still not feel attractive?  

Body image is a huge cause in feeling low desire for sex.  How easy is it to be turned on when you don’t consider yourself sexy?  You might have the hottest most sexually adept and awesome partner on the planet.  But if you don’t feel good about yourself it’s not going to matter.

And why don’t you feel good about yourself?

Because there is a presiding lie in society that is being prolonged and recycled.

We are not all that young, slim body that shows up all over media and entertainment and advertising.  That particular look and behaviour that is supposedly “sexy.” 

 In truth, women’s bodies come in all shapes and sizes.  Women’s bodies are constantly changing.  We have hormonal fluctuations every month.  We have different seasons and ages to our bodies.  This affects who we are and how we feel.  It is not necessarily pure and demure alternating with luscious and desirous on demand.

So when you look outside yourself to determine how good your body looks and feels you run into trouble!  

Watch this video to learn more about the connection between body image and low desire and try the home play exercise to start feeling great about your body!

I am making these videos to support you not only to realize you are not alone, (you are not going crazy) …..because that’s what we need to hear a lot as women in a society that was not created by and for women…but I am also making this series to give you some tools in your toolkit. 

I want you to start loving yourself more and feeling delicious inside your own skin.  That is what is truly attractive to others too 🙂

Don’t let anyone else tell you how good you look or feel in your body.  Feeling sexy is an “inside job.”

Please comment on this blog if you try the Mirror Exercise at home and let us know how it goes.  Let’s build this community of empowered feminine sexuality!