2018 – Wow! Another year, another number. Before we dive too far in,  I wanted to take a moment to fully appreciate 2017.  How was 2017 for you? 2017 changed my life. 

I am going to be honest, I felt adrift and scared at times in 2017. I felt disoriented and didn’t recognize myself. I was breaking through some major personal obstacles and some huge societal norms.

In 2017, I trained to become a certified sex and relationship coach. It has been the single most terrifying thing I have ever done!!! Doing my training as the Somatica Institute in Berkeley California in 2017 was a mind blowing paradigm shift. The dynamics of my own relationship changed dramatically.  My life overall got gutted and revitalized. I am happier, more relaxed, and having more fun than ever.  And I am thrilled to be supporting individuals and couples in my private coaching practice.

I’d like to share a quote with you that is dear to my heart and that speaks for what I stand for as a coach.  It is from author Dr. Tererai Trent in her new book, The Awakened Woman:

“A woman with awakened sexuality has cultivated love and respect for her body and the bodies of all living beings. She celebrates the power of her femininity and her ability to forge sacred connections and generative creativity. She embraces joy and pleasure, expands rather than shrinks into her environment. She has recovered what has been kept from her, the knowledge of her own corporeal self and its powerful potentials. She holds the key to love and community in the sacred shapes of her physical incarnation.”

When asked in the bedroom what we want and need, and what would feel good, why are women often clueless?  Because our pleasure is too far off the radar.  Perhaps we spent the whole day focusing on others, pushing down the call of our body and the call of pleasure.  We may have been required to be there for business, for a class of children, for a kitchen, for an office, a colleague, a spouse, while also being on top of running a household and parenting 3 children. We have been programmed to put a lid on our desires as young girls to start with.  And this affects our lives overall. I want to change this.  I want to see women thriving.  The pace of our world needs to dance more to the beat of the Divine Feminine, a pace whose needs and perspectives are in tune with a balanced and harmonious earth!

This May I will be launching my first ever online coaching program.   It’s called the Sensual Woman Training Program.   Woo hoooo!!!!! 

Here are a few sneak preview details:

The Sensual Woman Training Program will have 3 phases.

In phase 1, Reclamation, we will look at what’s in the way of your true desires and your ability to connect to pleasure.  You will reclaim your guidance system, your true “yes” and your true “no.”  In phase 2, Illumination, we will delve into women’s sexuality. We will look at all the things you were never taught and have been too afraid to ask about your body and your energy.  In phase 3, Cultivation, I will guide you in living a life connected to your sensuality and how to bring your power into your work, creativity and relationships. This is going to be an amazing, sensual, courage-building, yummy, community adventure!

In the meantime, if you are a woman reading this, please consider joining my group on Facebook called the Sensual Woman Sisterhood. https://www.facebook.com/groups/130569977648876/  

I am posting resources and inspirational material on a regular basis, and it is a place for you to gather with other conscious women on this journey!

For now, I am wishing you an amazing and fulfilling 2018!  As amazing as 2017 was, I know that 2018 will be even better. This is because you are in my world. I know that together we will go even further.

Please join the Sensual Woman Sisterhood Group to stay even more connected.https://www.facebook.com/groups/130569977648876

Love is Your Nature!