Are you worried that talking will break the mood?  Do you want to be able to connect without having to tell your partner what to do, or what you like?  After all, that’s how it happens in the beginning…..
The honeymoon stage of a relationship is a burst of chemical attraction.  Chemical attraction makes almost anything and everything feel great.  Then it’s so frustrating and disappointing when the honeymoon stage doesn’t last.  We discover that our partners are not mind readers after all!
That’s when talking comes in!  There’s a lot to say on this topic….ha ha… But we wanted to start by simply breaking down the societal taboo that talking during sex is supposedly not sexy.
Watch this video to learn how we broke through the talking taboo in our relationship.
In this video we share two important reasons why to use verbal communication in lovemaking: consent & pacing
Consent applies to long-term relationships just as much as it does to flirting and dating.  The surest, clearest type of consent is verbal.   Watch this video to learn how we learned to use consent after being together already 20 years!!
Talking also helped us learn to read each other’s pace and stay more connected and on par with each other. Not as many “surprise” orgasms!

One thing we didn’t share in this video is just how much talking has helped us learn the landscape of our own and each other’s bodies and turn on.
Stopping to talk during sex is nothing to be ashamed of.  In fact it helps avoid resentment, assumptions, miscommunication, and pleasure discrepancy. 

So talk away!  But not too much….