It was July.  We were docking our canoe after a camping trip on the lake.

Two burly men were descending a fancy silver motorboat down the ramp preparing to head out. After wandering blissfully and buck-naked on a nature beach for five days, I was now wearing only my pink bikini.

I felt my usual shyness creeping in as we approached the two men. I didn’t want to stand out, send the wrong message, or draw attention to myself. To my relief, the two men greeted us warmly, made comfortable small talk, and offered to help us lift the canoe.  I could’ve been wearing a strapless dress or farmer’s overalls. They just saw me as a person.

Since I have lived in the Kootenays for a year now, I have remarked on this shell of insecurity beginning to dissolve. As an attractive woman in Vancouver, I often had to think through and second-guess what I put on to wear. Then I had to deal with unwanted attention regardless. I learned ways to avoid, deflect, and ignore attention.

It’s different here though.   Why?

I think it’s this:  abundance of nature.

Why don’t I stand out as much here in my cute pink bikini? 

Because  just look at the view behind me.  Absolutely gorgeous majestic mountain cascading into crystalline waters, endless stretching beaches, tall green trees, rocky cliffs, clear blue sky. That is what me and my pink bikini are competing with!!

Humans living in big cities are cut off from nature. Glued to technology, caught in constant busyness, they’re run more by news and media, which over-sexualizes everything by the way, especially women. They are starved for natural feminine energy.

Feminine energy is softness, spaciousness, natural beauty, gentleness, sensuality, radiance, inner light, intuitiveness, and magic, ie: everything that abounds in nature. Not being in regular contact with nature, humans crave these elements and try to source them from the easiest and nearest manifestation: women!

If humans are swimming in clear beautiful lakes, hiking in alpine meadows, skiing through billowy snow, sitting on a sunny deck admiring the garden, etc., they don’t need to seek as much from a partner, a lover, a one night stand, or a woman passing on the street…

So I can walk down the street in my hometown with my sensual flowing nature “out” and be honoured as part of the landscape rather than an object to be devoured.

I am so grateful for and I adore this freedom.  I feel like I belong here as me. And I wish that all women everywhere could experience this!

Question: how do you feel after spending an extended time in nature? Do you feel more expanded? More fulfilled? More connected?

Notice how time in nature changes how you approach your sense of self, your love life and all your relationships.

Love IS Your Nature,
– Zoey