I have a conundrum.  I am stepping into my calling as a mentor in sensuality and pleasure and I am running a business as a solo entrepreneur.  The two are sometimes in direct conflict.  Business is demanding.  There are deadlines, meetings, appointments, ways I need to show up and hurry up!  At the same time, I am teaching clients to feel more, to connect more, to get into their bodies and to focus on pleasure…

So I have a question for you.  What brings you more pleasure?  To go very fast? Or to go very slow?

I am coming to terms with the fact that for me it can be both.  It depends on the situation.

Sometimes I love to go fast.  I can feel energy at my back, like wind beneath my wings, I am inspired and I want to just go for it!

When I feel safe in the bedroom, when I’m in the right mood, I love to explore.  I love playing full out and going on adventures with my trusty companion/lover.

But a lot of the time, it is in going slow that brings me the most pleasure.  Going slow helps me to completely relax, to sink deeper and deeper into my own body, to feel more and connect more.

So when I get overwhelmed in the office and start drifting from pleasure I know it is time to slow down.



Here’s my suggestion.  Put everything else out of your mind.  Everything else can wait for the pleasure of this moment. This moment will spill over into the next moment, and the next and the next.

Put on some good music, get a nice hot cup of tea, put your legs up for ten minutes, do some laughter yoga, take a dance break.  Or just do whatever you are doing……..MORE SLOWLY.

Pleasure is in the NOW.  One pleasure-filled moment holds the nugget of the next, and the next, and the next…

So whether you are in the pleasure of the fast ride or the slow glide, follow YOUR pleasure. NOW!

Love is Your Nature,