An 8 Week Course in Healing Your Relationship with Sexuality

Join a community of women where sacred space is created to help you grow and make powerful shifts in your relationship with sexuality. Tap into your own unique source of power. Support and witness one another, and share stories in sisterhood.


  • Learn to love yourself and your body
  • Have your questions answered about women’s sexuality
  • Learn how to connect to your passion and pleasure
  • Ask for what you want in relationships
  • Learn how emotions and sexuality work together in your healing process


WEEK 1  Desire: Asking For What You Want

WEEK 2  Cleansing and Clearing: Releasing Shame

WEEK 3  The Importance of Boundaries

WEEK 4  Women’s Sexuality: What Turns You On?

WEEK 5  Sexual Energy and Sensual Self Care

WEEK 6  Partner Connection and Communication

WEEK 7  Language of Touch

WEEK 8  Healing For Men and Relationship Repair

The program includes:

  • 4 practice & learning sessions per month in person with group
  • Weekly LOVE EMPOWERMENT email with reflective exercises and home practice
  • 1 private Love & Intimacy consult with Zoey during the program cycle

Program Fee:  $275 for 8 weeks

2019 Class Dates and Times:

Classes take place at: Zoey’s home studio in Nelson, BC.  Class time is 12 noon to 3 pm.

Dates:  March 6, 13, 20  (no class March 27), April 3, 10,17, 24, May 1st

Here’s What Past Participants Have Shared About Our Program:

It is so valuable to have a safe place to talk and share with a group of women. I really appreciate listening to different perspectives, and am able to relate somehow, no matter the situation or perspective.

The following day I felt totally in my power and in the flow. I thought WOW, I want to live my life from this mindset!

This class and the energy clearing I’ve been doing have really helped me get to a place of relaxation and ease with myself. I feel happier than I have in quite a while. I’m taking better care of my own needs, enjoying my sensuality more, treating myself with the love I was trying to get from another person.

This group is about vulnerability. Connection. Support, both giving and receiving. Sharing. Feminine energy. Love. Appreciation. Re-framing. Bringing more light and play into my relationship with my partner. Learning about and appreciation of boundaries more, my own and others. Being outside my comfort zone but not so far out I can’t move through it. Realizing what I’ve been missing in regards to feminine energy and support.

I’m thinking about taking care of myself, and finding pleasure for myself. I’m taking time with my partner to enjoy each other physically, expanding our ideas of how to be physical with one another without necessarily having intercourse.

I’m learning that being sensual doesn’t mean I have to be a professional pole dancer or try to look sexy all the time – it’s just about being my true self and feeling open and safe to really love what I love with all my senses – I love that so much!


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What is proving helpful is the opportunity to discuss the sexual part of me, to realize that is part of me. To have the opportunity to talk with other women about sex, when the norms of our culture suggest that sex should not be a topic for conversation.

I am more in touch (literally) with my body. I am appreciating her more. And appreciating that experience.

I honestly wasn’t sure what I expected. I know it took me out of my comfort zone and has definitely helped me be more comfortable with vulnerability. Learning to communicate from my own feelings in relationship and keeping it about me has been quite an eye opener.

Thank you for reminding me to move, to dance, which I love, and have always loved to do. And it helps me.

My gut feelings are speaking to me. I need to learn to listen better to them.

I am making a connection with those in the group; I am learning that sharing our vulnerabilities often leads to more connection.

I’m looking for ways to connect with my body and physically, sensually or sexually with my partner. I’ve got more options now and I’m feeling more motivated.