How to Cultivate Pleasure and Passion to Empower Your Life!

Heal your relationship with sensuality, desire, and your body so you can step into your full potential as a woman. Feel supported, heard and valued within a tribe of sisters who acknowledge your dreams and mirror your true strength and beauty to you.  The Sacred Sensuality Training Program is a 6 month online Mentorship with Zoey Wren that runs 1-2 times per year.  Attendance is limited, so please email to: for more details.



Stage 1: ILLUMINATION – Setting the Stage for Pleasure

Month 1: Stoking the fire of desire.
Month 2: The beauty of boundaries, reclaiming your guidance system.

Stage 2: RECLAMATION – Understanding and Owning the Sacred Feminine

Month 3: Sexual anatomy, arousal and orgasm
Month 4: Expressing emotions, releasing shame and societal programming around sex.

Stage 3: CULTIVATION – Living a Life of Pleasure and Passion

Month 5: Sensual self-care, loving your body and yourself
Month 6: Sharing it out. Finding your new voice in relationship and in life. Support for lifestyle changes, confidence in asking for what you want – so you can help yourself and others thrive!

Zoey has an immense gift for bringing safety, connection and community together. She challenges gently, always with great support and deep love. In just one trial evening of the Sacred Sensuality Sisterhood I experienced support and connection in the group of other women, all of whom were looking for deeper love for themselves and their partners in differing situations. The work I’ve done with Zoey has been of incredible benefit to me and brought more light and love into my relationship with myself and my husband.

Kim Muirhead

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