Reuben and I want to wish you a very happy holiday season and to thank you for being a part of our online community!

After our exciting adventure and move to Nelson this summer we kept wanting to make a sequel to the film we made in July  (Relationship is an Adventure) but we hit some major roadblocks and were still in the thick of it…

Here’s the super short version of the story:

We almost left Nelson because it looked like it wasn’t working out.  Then we almost totally changed up our relationship configuration.  We started talking about doing a long distance relationship to make things work financially.  Then a few days later, Reuben got a full time job here in Nelson!  Just 3 weeks ago!  

So HALLELUJAH!!!!  We are celebrating big time!!!  But even more we are celebrating something more important:  emotional authenticity.  As painful as it was, we kept showing up for ourselves and each other in this trying time.

So, finally, here is the sequel video to Relationship is an Adventure.  

In this video we share with you what really got us through when it seemed like our dream was not coming true: prioritizing emotional connection!

Once again, thanks for being a part of our community!

We are sending you so much love and gratitude for the holiday season.  AND…… we’ve got lots more to share with you in 2019. 

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And for a moment, just imagine a world where women are having better sex, more orgasms, and more authentic connection in partnerships. What would this world look like?

It would be a world of happy women.  This would make a world of happy men!  And what that would make?  Happy children.  A happy planet. 

So keep believin’ in your dreams and keep feelin’ to heal!

 – Zoey Wren

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