Did you know that any emotion can make sex better?  Anger. Fear.  Grief.  Exhuberance. Shyness.  Playfulness.  Hesitancy.  Whatever you are feeling in the moment. It is all part of being human. Emotions bring vulnerability and honesty, making human connection so rich and satisfying.

I was talking to a woman family member recently who was annoyed at how women are always portrayed in sex scenes in movies.  She said “it’s just unrealistic!”

While Hollywood and the porn industry definitely seem to be in cahoots what woman actually feels, acts, or looks like women on the screen, authentically? What we actually look like is sometimes crazy and wild, sometimes quiet and inward, sometimes crying our faces off, or needing to process and just be held.

Women can’t depend on the media to show us how to be sexually.  And we can’t depend on men either.  Because men are shut down emotionally and often simply go to sex to feel anything at all.

All the more reason to be honest about your emotions during sex.  It opens the door for your partner to drop into their true emotions.  Why should men be better at sex and women better at emotions?  Let’s help each other out with this!

Once emotions are seen for what they are in the moment, they can change so quickly too! So start where you are.  Follow the rainbow of emotions!

I’ll talk to you next week.

Love is your nature!