This week’s topic is one that is dear to my heart: female arousal.

What gets you wet, open and turned on, desiring some luscious lovemaking with your lover? Why do you as a woman need more time, often more intimacy, and more all-over sensation than your male partner to get aroused?

First of all, the male body is basically set up to aim and fire in order to secure reproduction of the race. It is possible for a man to reach orgasmic peak relatively quickly with relatively little pleasure. But why are males still enjoying sex a lot more than females?

The number one thing that women need to be aroused is: MORE TIME!

In his book, The Guide to Getting It On, author Paul Joannides says that women need at least 20 minutes of fooling around, kissing, making out, playing, caressing, before they want genital touching. And even then I highly suggest another 20 minutes of all-over naked body touch, including all parts of your amazing female genitalia. This equates to 40 minutes. Yep, 40 minutes of foreplay!

If you are a woman who cannot orgasm from intercourse, you are with 50 % of us! If you would love more time for foreplay, you are with the majority of us. Sometimes it’s fun to have quickies. But quickies get old. And they don’t always feel great. On the other hand, when you feel totally aroused it is so arousing to your partner. He just doesn’t know yet what either he or you are capable of!

So teach your man about female arousal. It opens a huge spectrum for pleasure and connection for both of you. When you start getting clear on and stating your sexual desires and preferences, your man is gifted access into a whole new world of sex!!

You need time. You were made this way for a reason. For more pleasure for you and your partner. For more opportunity to deeply connect, to see and understand each other. This is the beauty and gift of female arousal.

Love is Your Nature.
You can do this!
– Zoey