When I was working with a therapist a couple of years ago one thing she affirmed for me was that couples need to talk to each other every day!  Fifteen minutes a day at a minimum.  Couples who don’t make this time don’t do so well.  

This week I am sharing an extraordinary video about an 18 year old boy who had never heard his parents speak to each other. Ever!  It turns out this boy’s parents hadn’t spoken to each other in a total of 23 years.  His story made it to a local talk show host and here is what happened…… Grab your box of kleenex!  

PS – Keep in mind that this video comes from a different culture – Japan.  There is some studio audience laughter that I found off-putting in certain spots.  I later realized that it was their way of breaking the tension.  This story is a little hard to watch (or believe).  


Let me know what you think.

And remember: Love is your nature!