Are you feeling stuck in your sex life?  Have little or no desire for sex?  Do you wish you could feel more free in your body and act on your desires but you don’t trust yourself – or your partner?

Last month I polled several women around what concerns they had in their love life.  The number one concern was:  Low Desire!

So first of all, if you are experiencing this, YOU ARE NOT ALONE.  And second, THERE IS SOMETHING YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT!

 I have decided to create a series of videos on the reasons behind low desire. Low desire is part of my story too.  Now that I know what was behind it, I know how to solve it.  Here is the first video in the series:

In this video I share with you an embarrassing but true reason behind sexual dysfunction in my relationship:  unacknowledged resentment.  

To find out what you may be feeling and what to do about it, watch this video now.  And please share with a friend!   The more we help each other, the more women everywhere can heal their relationship with sexuality!

Love is Your Nature,
 – Zoey Wren

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