If there is one thing I know we are good at as women it’s enduring.

Where does enduring come from?  Is it in our genes? Is it from times throughout history where we waited for men to come back from war?  Where we kept home fires burning?  Where we patiented through drought and famine?  Women are strong, there is no doubt about it.  But are we too strong?

When it comes to sex do you find yourself enduring?  If it is not feeling good what do you do? Do you convince yourself that it is going to get better or that he is getting so much pleasure out of it and you want to please him?

The truth is, the more you endure, the more your body shuts down.  

It is good to be able to endure.  As a child I endured a lot of physical challenge.  My parents chose a demanding, isolating landscape to set up home.  I often had to push my body beyond its limits as part of daily regime.  I endured cold, pain, fatigue, and heavy loads of wood, groceries and school books on a regular basis.  Given this, it has been a long road for me to own and choose pleasure over enduring.  

And what are your patterns as an adult?  Is enduring working for you? 

We are wired for pleasure.  But we got our wires crossed somewhere down the line.  As if there were a constant war or famine going on.  But what would happen if we put a stake in the ground and actually stopped enduring?

I can only tell you from experience the more I choose pleasure, the better things go for my body, my health, my partnership, all my relationships, and my life in general.

You do not have to endure.  There is another way.

Remember – Love is Your Nature.  And I am here to support you.