Question:  What do you get when you bring 4 women to the woods in the middle of nowhere for a weekend?

Answer:  Topless dancing, swimming, hiking, soaking in natural hot springs, gourmet meals, lots of laughter and not quite enough sleep!

But seriously…

These women and I have been journeying together for 3 years now.  We meet for mastermind by video conference once a month and we meet for one on one sister support calls in between.

These sisters have been my lifeline through the start up of my coaching business, through changing niches as a coach into the realm of sacred sexuality, and through the major life change of relocating to Nelson last summer!

They have held my hand many times when I was afraid to take a step forward.  They have had my back when I felt like I was falling over.  They believed in me when I gave up hope in myself.

Here we are masterminding in the woods at our B & B on Arrow Lakes last weekend.:

I met these women as part of a women’s business training 3 years ago in California.  When the training ended, we continued to meet and support each other.  We have worked on each other’s businesses and personal lives.  We are like a living beehive of feminine wisdom, each caring deeply for the others and for the work that we are bringing forth in the world.

The perspective of women in my life is so valuable.  Before I had this group of shamanic sisters in my life, I could sometimes get lost in my husband’s perspective or society’s perspective.  But this only went so far for me when being the leading-edge innovator and a healer/creator that I am.

Other powerful women in our my life makes me stronger.  These sisters reflect to me my truth, my vulnerability, my tenderness, my wild instincts and intuitions.

Who do you call on when the tough gets going in your life?  Do your women friends really support you and have your back? Do you have women who really sees your full potential and honour your wild feminine?

We are all in this together, sister!

Remember, Love is your Nature!