What would it take for you to listen your body more?  To trust her.  To love her?  Because during these trying times, your body calls with clarity and wisdom.  Sometimes what seems like just pain and illness is actually a great gift.

I am becoming more mindful of my nervous system and what it might actually take for it to run more calmly and smoothly.  This is difficult when I have learned to operate in “push and stress gear” all my life!  What about you?  Do you disconnect from your body to “get things done”?

As a woman, you have the gift of feeling deeply.  The tides of the moon, the turning of the seasons, the shifting of the energies on earth.  Your body is linked to all these patterns and cycles.  Your body has the same combination of sacred elements that make up the earth:  fire, water, air, metals, wood.  Your relationship with your body is your relationship with the earth.

I like to think of my body as a little child.  It helps me to take care of her, so that she can continue to guide me and give me messages of what is truly good for me.

Remember – love is your nature.

– Zoey Wren

What is one good thing you would like to do for your body this week?  This summer?  
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