What does pleasure look like for you?  

What does the word “pleasure” bring up?

When I looked up the root of the word pleasure in French and Latin, what struck me was that “pleasure” and “plea” come from the same root.  Plea is the desire, the call.  Pleasure is the answer, or the desire met.  Thus, pleasure is a sense of completion or contentment.  It brings calmness, placidness, being gratified, being appeased.

This makes it more perplexing that we would ever avoid or de-prioritize pleasure.  Pleasure is actually the most natural thing in the world!  But for me it is also the thing that I hold myself back from, maybe because it is almost too obvious…

How about you?  Do you tell yourself you’ll enjoy life once the hard work is over?  Do you push yourself to keep going and going?  Do you say to yourself you’ll enjoy some pleasure once you are already thriving?

In this week’s video I’m introducing the concept of getting in touch with what pleasure looks like to you.

What is your unique brand of pleasure?

Watch the video above to learn and have fun creating a mind map to help you remember and focus on pleasure more often!

One of the best ways to answer the question of what does pleasure look like for you is to ask yourself what would you do if you had no time constraints and no money constraints?  If you could just wake up in the morning and do whatever you wanted for a day?

I can guarantee you would choose to do something that brought you pleasure!  But what exactly would it be?

Make a list of activities that you would do on your magical day off from regular life.  This will show you which activities to incorporate more into your life in general to increase your pleasure quota.

Watch the video to learn what is the essence of your personal most pleasurable activities.

Post your mind map in the comments section of this blog  to share with and inspire my other readers.  And don’t forget to post it somewhere in your house where you can see it every day for a while.

Here’s mine:

Remember, Love is your Nature!