I want to share with you what I love about tantra. Tantra is something I highly recommend for healing your sexuality. On the one hand, it has become a popularized new fad, like yoga. In fact it is a form of yoga that works directly with sexual energy. Whether self-directed and self practiced only, or whether practiced with a partner, the goal of tantra is both connection and clarity of perception. It is important to choose your source carefully when learning tantra, because of the plethora of versions that are beginning to crop up.

The goal of yoga is peace and union between body, mind, and soul. The word “tantra” means “weaving together.”  Whereas in yoga, the goal is to merge and go beyond differences, the goal of tantra is to access this union by creatively and colourfully incorporating all the individual parts. Imagine a vibrant tapestry that weaves together all strands in a more radiant version of what could ever be on their own. The sum is greater than the parts.  This is tantra.

I have been practicing a form of tantric meditation since my early 20s (since the 90s). In my journey of the last two decades the teachings of tantra have been a guiding light in my personal self-development and in my relationship.

Here are three ways that tantra can help you with your sexuality:

  • Tantra teaches you to love the shape, form, size, functionality, and needs of your body. Tantra teaches that body and spirit are equal. There is no hierarchy. Everything that is physical is also spiritual. Sex is chaste and neutral. So is your body.


  • Tantra helps you love yourself in relationship. Tantra sees your heart and your emotions as the doorway to the Self. Self- love is a foundation that allows for you to be authentic, expose your true feelings, and trust your individual experiences in relationship.


  • Tantra helps you connect more deeply with others. Tantric practices help you see your partner for who they are, as an individual and as a perfect manifestation of the Divine. When you learn to look beyond limitations and access what is really underneath, you can enter a new level of awareness where you can be completely yourself and completely at one with someone else.


A lot of people think tantra is just about “hot sex.” But tantra is actually an ancient lineage and body of sacred knowledge that is meant to guide a seeker toward an ecstatic existence.  From personal experience I can share that the results of tantric practice do make for more satisfying sex. If you think about it, wouldn’t sex be better if you loved your body, loved yourself, could accept your partner for all of who they are, and felt safe and free to express all of your emotions? Yes. But tantra is actually meant to create a more satisfying life!

If you’re interested in exploring the benefits of tantra for your healing process, I incorporate tantra into my coaching sessions. Here is also a list from Layla Martin with some resources for tantra.

Remember – love is your nature!

Tantra Teachers and Schools:
Sarita: www.tantra-essence.com
Hridaya Yoga: www.hridaya-yoga.com
Devipuram: www.devipuram.com
Shashi Solluna: www.shashisolluna.com


Tantra Reference Books:
Tantric Orgasm for Women by Diana Richardson
The Heart of Tantric Sex by Diana Richardson
The MultiOrgasmic Woman by Rachel Abrams and Mantak Chia