I have been hearing what an intense time a lot of people are having right now. I thought maybe it was me because I am in the throes of packing and entering a major life transition, but it seems that for everyone that anything “untrue” right now is being tested and held to the light. It is getting harder and harder to wear a mask and to hold up walls. I believe it’s because the earth needs us to drop into our authentic selves. No more lying and trying and being strong and independent all the time. It is part of the “plan” we came here for. But it is also uncomfortable. Are you feeling the growing pains?

Many of you are feeling the growing pains in relationship. I want to share with you the biggest key I have discovered so far in relationship and life in general:



I spent many years not believing in my desires. This got me stuck in my relationship. Once I started to ask my partner for things that he could help me with, that I truly needed to feel happy and feel good, I was so surprised at how he responded. I never knew just how much he was ready to help me thrive!

In these intense times, your desire is a guidepost. It is the call of spirit. Pleasure is beckoning. Alignment is calling. Flow is whispering. Thriving is in reach!

Some days I feel I am far from thriving. In fact sometimes I want to lie down and give up. So, if you are feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, stretched, please ask yourself what you really want. And from where can you get more support? Whose hand is already reaching out to you?

Remember – love is your nature.

– Zoey Wren

What do you need from your partner in order to make your dreams come true?  Please comment down below!
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