Breath is your best friend, your faithful companion. Breath is like an inner guide, a guru. It shows you when you are stressed out and it shows you how to release stress.

There is also another guru that lives very close by. The guru between your legs.

WATCH THE VIDEO ABOVE To learn why self pleasure is so important, and to hear about how I broke through my own resistance to regular self pleasure.

When I first read the book Pussy by Regena Thomashauer, I tried “getting familiar” for a while in the mornings. I would grab a hand mirror after my shower in the morning and “say hello”.

I even decorated her for a while with little sparkly stickers. No one knew they were there. It was for me. To feel better about myself. To grow to love my private parts.

But now I’ve got something even juicier…

In her book, Love, Sex and Awakening, Margo Anand coaches women to touch base with the “guru between your legs” everyday. She suggests touching yourself every morning first thing when you wake up.

I have been doing this for several months now.

Self touch has helped me to be more interested and more committed to my sexuality and to self-pleasure in general. It has helped me get to know my body and to love my body. And I know that sexual confidence leads to life confidence.

The intention of this exercise is not masturbation or orgasm. The intention is to just do it!

Just like breath, your pussy is always there for you. Ready to connect. Ready to receive. Ready to impart truth and wisdom. She is there for you. Now you get to be there for her….

Pleasure is a healing force. Focusing on pleasure and learning or improving your self- pleasure practice is a foundation for thriving as a woman!

If you don’t already do something like this, try this exercise for one week. Touch yourself every day for five minutes in the morning. No goals or expectations. Notice what happens to your nervous system. Notice what happens to your state of mind. Notice what happens to your self-confidence. Notice what happens to your body!

I’m going to be giving you some wonderful tools and tips for developing a delicious self-pleasure practice in the upcoming months. But this simple practice will help you break through any shame or uncertainty that might be lingering. And if you don’t already have a wonderful self-pleasure practice, this is a great way to start!

Stay tuned and remember –  Love is Your Nature.

– Zoey