Do you want to thrive…

As an entrepreneur, artist, lover, mother, career woman, healer, community builder?  Do you want to feel positively sexy and blossoming in all areas of your life?  Want to feel supported for who you are, juicy, turned on, and connected to your partner?

You are in the right place!

Relationship and Intimacy coaching will help you find your voice, get comfortable with your desires, and start asking for what you want in your relationship  – and in your life.

According to a 75 year study done at Harvard University, the #1 secret to leading a happy and fulfilling life is…Great Relationships!

Private coaching covers the following key areas:

  1. RELATIONSHIP INVENTORY – What’s in the Way?
  • Clearing Frustration
  • Practicing Appreciation
  • Making Time for You
  1. VOICE – Learning to Ask For What You Want
  • Dealing with Shame and Fears
  • Communicating Needs and Boundaries
  • Getting Connected to Your “Personal Sexy”
  1. EMBODIED ATTUNEMENT – The Key to Connection
  • Connecting through Breath and Body
  • Learning to be in the Moment With Your Partner


  • Time, Pacing, and Physiology in Sex for Women
  • The Romantic-Power-Passion Connection
  • Women’s Orgasm

5. LEARNING TO RECEIVE – Letting Go and Letting In Love

  • Removing Blocks to Receiving From Your Partner
  • Letting Go of Enabling and Caretaking
  • Inner Child Play

6. DIALOGUE – How to Negotiate Needs, Fears, and Desires

  • Learning How to Fully Listen to Your Partner
  • Taking Responsibility for Your Words and Actions
  • Opening a Safe Space for Vulnerability
  • Tools for Repair when Connection is Lost