What Does a Session Look Like?

Sound vibration works quickly and effectively on the underlying cause of imbalances in your body and life.  Shifting your vibration allows you to release patterns that are no longer serving and to step into a newer, more powerful version of you – the real you!

A sound healing session starts with a conversation to determine what issue you want to resolve. Vocal sound is then used to scan your physical and energy bodies. Next, vocal sound and other instruments are applied as healing treatment. After the treatment, you rest in pure silence to integrate your new vibrational set point.



Is Sound Healing a Match For Me?

  • Let go of what is holding you back
  • Find clarity and answers to longstanding questions
  • Re-energize your life
  • Be held and heard
  • Express your emotions
  • Eliminate the underlying cause of illness
  • Clear your frustration
  • Practice appreciation
  • Make time for you
  • Experience deep rest and peace

My healing session with Zoey Wren was transformational and awakened within me a drive to follow my long abandoned dreams. I’m forever grateful for the session, which helped confirm my next step in life, and assisted me to release old pain and insecurity.

N. Carson

Zoey’s healing session was a profoundly nurturing experience for me that helped me feel at home in myself. I didn’t realize how much I needed that, and to what level the channeled tones could have on my body and mind. Afterwards I bathed in a permeable sense of inner quiet, repose, and appreciation of Zoey’s insights and guidance.

L. Nardelli

Zoey is a skilled and intuitive healer. Her capacity to tune into my needs and alleviate my pain has been a true gift. I recommend her healing hands and heart to others seeking the skills of a wise and grounded therapist.

M. Norwich

 I have experienced deep healing and transformation in my sessions with Zoey. She is very gentle, compassionate and intuitive. After each session, she provides authentic and helpful insights into my issues, which serve as guiding lights.

P. O’Reilly

The healing session gave me what I needed, a deep relaxation and lessening of the pain in my shoulder that had been bothering me for years.

J. Slattery

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