What is your biggest reason to thrive? Why is it worth taking care of you? This is what author Tererai Trent calls your “big why.”

Why get up in the morning?  What gets you excited?

Your “big why” is what gives you a reason to thrive.  In order to care beautifully for yourself, to go for your dreams, to live a fantastic life in this body, you need to know why!

One way to discover your “big why” is to look around at what breaks your heart.

For example, my “big why” is to give voice to those who are currently undervalued. Like women, children, animals.  The ones who speak in nonverbal language, the soft ones, the quiet ones, the sensitive ones.

Each morning I rise from sleep to find my voice, to feel my feelings, to land in the land of my body, to follow my flow, so I can be a mirror for the sensitive, the forgotten, the innocent, the emotional, the intuitive, the dismissed, the ignored, the neglected, the rejected and dejected. This world needs all the innocence and vulnerability and feminine energy available to re-balance and bring harmony back to the planet.   

What about you? Why are you here?  What breaks your heart?  You need to know this in order to start taking great care of yourself, so you can start taking great care of others.

Love yourself first.  Love is your nature!

– Zoey Wren

What breaks your heart?  What small step could you take to make it better in this world?  
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