Goddess Pleasure: What Does Pleasure Feel Like To You?

I’m so excited! I’m about to introduce you to my 5 Petal Tantra™ for Women practice method. However, before I do, I want you to be able to feel pleasure fully; to know the markers of pleasure in your body.

It’s one thing to be able to identify what activities bring you pleasure, what pleasure looks like to you, and to be inspired to prioritize pleasure more in your life. And it’s another thing to know what pleasure FEELS like uniquely to your body….

We have been taught to shut these feelings down. It’s a real re-wiring process for many women, not only saying YES to pleasure, but allowing pleasure to build inside.

Watch this video to learn a simple 3-part exercise for feeling more pleasure in your body.

Another way of looking at what pleasure feels like is to explore what YES feels like. What words describe your YES? Where do you feel YES in your body?

Pleasure can feel like an expansion, a sensation of growing or filling in. It can feel explosive and sparky. It can feel tingly, or warm, or goose-bumpy. It can also feel calm and still and deep. Pleasure can feel melty, cool, soothing, flowing. The sensations of pleasure have so many faces.

Where do you feel pleasure in your body? Is sexual pleasure in your pussy only? Maybe. Maybe not. All of this is for your exploration!

In this 3-part exercise I am inviting you to explore pleasure using your five senses, your breath, and your pelvic floor muscles. This will prepare you to dive into the 5 Petal Tantra™ practice with curiosity and connection.

Pleasure is your vitality. It is your birthright. It brings confidence and wellbeing. It is a doorway to higher and higher states of bliss.

Check out the video to find more pleasure in pleasure!

And remember – Love is Your Nature.

– Zoey

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