Happy, Happy New Year!  What are you excited about for 2019?  Would you like to take a powerful step forward in your relationship with Love & Intimacy?  Sexuality?


I’m excited to announce some amazing offerings coming up this year.  When I relocated to Nelson this summer, I shared that I was committed to getting you more content, more blogs, more support…

Here are two ways you can step into your divine feminine and fully claim your sexuality:

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2) Plan to attend the Sovereign Sexuality Women’s Retreat this May, 2019 in Nelson, BC!  Stay tuned.  I will be posting a date in the next few weeks.  This will be a magical and transformative weekend where you can renew, heal and expand your relationship with sexuality amongst a group of conscious and open-hearted women.

Here’s what you can do right now.  Watch the video below to learn how to connect to your sovereign sexuality.

What is stopping you from fully claiming your sexuality? Your sexuality is YOURS! 

I know for me what was stopping me was deferring to my partner’s pleasure.  Because I didn’t find sex all that pleasurable….  I didn’t know what I needed and wanted…. I didn’t know who I was.

So I went with second best:  make him happy!  Try to enjoy his enjoyment.  Live vicariously through him.

It wasn’t sustainable.  Eventually I lost myself and had to find myself again.  I had to awaken my sovereign sexuality.

I started diving into regular self pleasure.  There was a lot of resistance I had to break through around my own body, my own turn on….

I learned that I have amazing capacity for pleasure.  I also learned that just because something or someone turns me on or arouses me, doesn’t mean I have to have sex!  It doesn’t even mean I want to have sex!

I learned that I am a beautifully sensual creature and that I love this part of myself.  I don’t need a man or a partner to make me feel this.

This totally changed my life!

It was all about starting where I was at.  Learning to feel good about everything I feel, or at least accept everything I feel.

Watch the video to learn about meta-emotions and how they affect your experience of sex and orgasm.

When you don’t feel good about how you feel, it’s hard to open up and relax.  It’s hard to have an orgasm or connect with a partner.

If you are struggling with intimacy issues, with body issues, with uncertainty or feeling torn in your relationship(s), all this can change for you!

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And let’s make it a juicy, yummy, sensually-fulfilling year!

Remember, Love is Your Nature.

– Zoey Wren