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Is your daily life consuming your energy, leaving you little time for adventure, play and pleasure?

Are you struggling with some aspect of your dating or intimacy life, longing to meet your soul mate?

Is part of you tired of convincing yourself that you’re okay in your relationship when you actually feel broken, confused and lonely?

Maybe you have a big vision for your life but you keep second-guessing yourself and you never get started. 

 Women’s empowerment coaching may be for you if...


My name is Zoey Wren.

I’m a Women’s Empowerment and Relationship & Intimacy Coach. After my powerful awakening in 2016, and my relationship healing that followed, I knew I had to help others.

Since that time, I have been honoured to support hundreds of women to:

  • Claim and stand in their full authentic YES
  • Communicate their authentic NO
  • Connect to their desires
  • Demand the sex & intimacy they long for
  • Create wildly more fulfilling lives
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Here's what I offer...

As a coach, I invite you to look into your personal relationship with power and pleasure. Together, we focus on three key areas:

—What do you REALLY desire for your life?
—What is holding you back?
—How I can help you to get there

Whether working with women or couples, I facilitate and engage transformation through experiential learning and real time feedback. I create a safe space for women and couples to explore and get honest about sexuality, needs, and desires.

We’ll investigate your relationship patterns and power dynamics, connect you to your emotions and draw on your somatic wisdom to help release shame and any lingering blockages to unearth your deeper, more authentic self.

I offer two primary programs:

for women only:

Embodied Goddess™ Package

Takes women on a personal journey of power reclamation, sexual healing and self-care that paves the way to juicy feminine expression.

for couples:

The Intimacy Breakthrough Retreat

A guided couples immersion including communication, connection, tantra exercises, touch mentoring, date nights and fun home play.

If you are feeling inspired to learn more, or are ready to make a change in your life, please check out my helpful Heartmelting Orgasm Map below, explore my Embodied Goddess™ Coaching Package, or head over to the couples coaching page to start your journey!

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