Goddess Pleasure: Introducing the 5 Petals™

Happy, Happy New Year!!  Happy 2020!  Let’s welcome it in with PLEASURE!!

In this video, I am introducing to you my 5 Petal Tantra ™ practice method for women.  This video is for you if:

  • You are in a rut with self-pleasure and want to try something new
  • You want to experience orgasmic ecstasy and are not sure how to unlock the magic gate
  • You want to heal your relationship with your body and your sexuality
  • You want better communication with a partner as to what you like in the bedroom
  • You want to unleash your wild feminine and harness your sexual energy for your creativity, life, work and beyond!

The 5 Petal Tantra™ Practice Method will inspire new ways to approach your body and your practice by drawing on the ancient tradition of tantra which uses these 5 Petals™ or doorways as entrances into deeper and more meaningful states that release stress, heal trauma, and liberate your heart and spirit!

Watch this video to learn how this method works and how to start incorporating it into your life right away!  

I have been sharing a lot about WHY to prioritize pleasure.  And WHY specifically self-pleasure?

This video is about HOW.  

Tantra is all about bringing together disparate parts and integrating all feelings, sensations, and experiences.  It’s about accepting who you are.  It’s about self love.

Now here’s how to apply it to a self-pleasure practice.

In the next couple months I will be diving into each of the 5 Petals™.  I will provide you with a home practice as well as instruction on how to start customizing the 5 Petals ™ to your own liking!

If you are in Nelson, I invite you to contact me about my Goddess Pleasure Basics course running in February and March, where we will meet as a group in person and actually PRACTICE TOGETHER!! ( with some boundaries).  Is that HOT or what?

Please share this video with every woman you know and help me spread the word.

Let’s ROCK 2020, Sisters!!

 Love is Your Nature,

– Zoey

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