my approach

With a background in Integral Life Coaching, Somatics, and Energy Healing, my approach is both talk-based and experience-based.

As a coach, I step into a “practice partner” role with you to give you clear and honest feedback around communication, energy, and touch as well as to teach new tools and perspectives to help you shift your current relationship or to attract a new partner. Experiential learning is a profound and effective way to master new skills for relationship and intimacy.

specialty areas

  • Attachment healing
  • Couples communication
  • Women’s sexuality
  • Self-pleasure for women
  • Desire discrepancy in couples
  • Open relationships
  • Affair recovery
  • Sexual abuse

my story

I am currently in a beautiful, sexy, loving, conscious and amazing relationship. But not so long ago, I was really stuck… 

After two decades of marriage, my desire for physical intimacy fizzled to almost nothing. I thought it was normal. Most women around me were in the same boat. However, then I started noticing attractions to other people. And I didn’t want to turn these powerful feelings off.

I felt torn. I didn’t want to lose my marriage. I still loved my husband. I didn’t want to change my life.

My husband and I were drifting apart. We moved into separate bedrooms. We started creating separate social scenes. Our relationship harmony was breaking down.

I think it was the realization that something new and good was alive inside me, my feminine desire was waking up, and it seemed to be wrecking my marriage at the same time, that led me to seek help.

I decided to work with a Somatica® Sex & Relationship Coach in order to integrate these differing parts of myself, LOVE and PASSION.

As I healed the sexual abuse from my past, and as I got 100% clear on what I wanted and began expressing it, I watched my partner soften and become more emotionally present. Our relationship became a beautiful new creature with two renewed people living in it!

This is an ongoing adventure. Conscious relationship and intimacy has led to more confidence, more fun, more honesty, more health, more adventures, more orgasms, and a deeper, more connected love life. It has led to major life changes. In 2018 we finally realized a long held dream to relocate to Nelson, BC.

I am so grateful that I found the support to break free from societal norms around intimacy and pleasure. And I am so committed to helping couples and individuals find their way to connective, sexy, loving relationships.

As a coach, it is my primary goal to help you re-tune to yourself. To feel into the deep needs and desires in your body, heart and spirit. To grieve what has gone unheard and what has gone unnoticed. To reclaim what is rightly yours. To create a great relationship where you can truly be yourself and expand in the realms of LOVE and PASSION beyond your dreams!

Maybe you are searching for your special someone? Or maybe you need something to shift in your current relationship/love life? I can help.


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