"Working with Zoey has been highly transformational for me in so many ways. She has helped me become more embodied - more present, grounded and better able to feel and connect to the messages and wisdom of my body. Her work helped me heal from past trauma and played a key part in me opening my heart to LOVE again! I highly recommend working with Zoey!"


“My partner and I were both stuck in our deep attachment wounding and really struggling to communicate. Your support helped me to feel myself/my body more so I could be more aware of what was happening. Because of this, I was able to communicate more clearly with my partner about what I was feeling and needing and it was easier for him to hear me and meet me there.

Thank you for what you do. We couldn’t have moved through this so gracefully without your support. “


I approached Zoey for coaching because I was really struggling with feeling love for and from my husband.  Through 2 sessions with Zoey (and 3 separate sessions between Zoey and my husband), I was able to take responsibility for the disconnect that I had created, process A LOT of emotions, re-establish my sense of self, build healthy communication skills, and come back to a place of love and deeper connection.

Zoey has an intuitive, loving presence.  You can feel she is right there with you in your processing.  I loved being able to "show up" wherever I was at and know that I was supported in working on whatever arose.  Her skills in body language and Somatics are fantastic.
Coaching with Zoey opened the doors for my husband and me to walk through so we could do the personal work needed to save our marriage!  I will be forever grateful for Zoey's guidance and presence!



What has shifted for me from doing this work is how I view myself as a woman. As well, relationship dynamics are switching and changing to be healthier and more aligned with my true self. I am expressing my femininity and sexuality more authentically. I am seeing/remembering the strength of the feminine, like water, going with the flow, a stream gently carving through earth. Since the class I have bought a jade egg and Tao sexuality book, an open relationships book, and have done a yoni steam and feminine meditation. I am healing my femininity and all my relationships (with my body, partner, mother)


Thank you Zoey, you have such a unique way of holding space. I don't always trust or open up easily, especially during the session that we had, where you guided me into areas that are more difficult for me to look at. I felt safe and trusting.  The complimentary tools, like the use of sound, helped guide me into deeper inner listening and softened the anxiety I had to allow me to look at the wisdom that was already available to me. Since our session, I've been able to tap into pleasure without guilt and I continue to explore my relationship and deeper connection to myself and others.


My partner and I worked with Zoey for about 5 months and it was amazing! We saw her individually at first and then together. Zoey has such a remarkable ability to hold space, listen, and tap into the deeper issues that were blocking both of us. I was constantly impressed by what emerged in each session and the tools she gave us as a couple to work through. We were able to come to a deeper understanding about each other's needs and wants, both sexually and emotionally! The work that Zoey does is so needed and she does it so beautifully! What a gift to the world!


Zoey is a heartful, deeply compassionate, courageous healer. She is love made visible -- the broken heart made whole.


My purpose for joining the women's course was to find ease and clarity within my being and to reclaim my feminine flow and ability to thrive. The experience of Zoey's curriculum was just what I needed. Each session was filled with relevant, juicy material. It was hard to pick just one favourite or valuable practice. This experiential course connected me to my desires, my body and my feminine nature, awakening to pleasure, power and the privilege of being a woman. The journey with Zoey, our exquisite facilitator, has been a blossoming experience of connection, trust and coming home to my body. I recommend this course to any woman who wants her life to be filled with more joy, healing, connection and pleasure.


I am thankful I took the leap through my fears and pushed myself through all the vulnerability and awkwardness to do Zoey’s program.  It's opened me up in ways I don't yet know how to describe except that I'm feeling more loving and kind towards myself and others, and that alone is wondrous.

Opening new doors of connection has meant my husband and I being able to connect more and me being able to ask for more.  It doesn’t always have to be sexual and so I don't have to feel broken and disconnected so much because of my physical issues.  I’m learning a lot more about what boundaries are for me and how they morph and this has been so great for my self confidence.  Being able to say yes or no safely and bringing that home, even where I didn't realize it could be needed, has been healing for my inner child.  Sexuality has been a very painful area for me for as long as I can remember.   I have very much wanted it not to be but nothing else I ever did seemed to help enough to move past my issues.  I now have more motivation to find ways to keep going and keep building on all of this!


I can't put into words what Zoey's class did for me. During the intro I was so far out of my comfort zone I felt like I was on another planet. However Zoey made a safe environment and pushed me just enough that I slowly opened up and felt a sense of sisterhood.

In class, I always felt heard, safe and an important member of the group. It allowed me to try new things and it gave me the confidence that I had never experienced before. For the first time in my 31 years of life I had the confidence to dance naked at home and see my body as powerful and beautiful, to self pleasure and open up with my husband around desires!

I will forever be grateful for Zoey creating a group that I didn't even know I needed so badly in my life. It changed me forever in such a powerful and liberating way. I would do it over a million times and recommend it to any woman who thinks she is not enough, broken, shy, or who is seeking a sisterhood.


Working with Zoey in a couples session opened a whole new world to me. I knew that I needed to dive into my sexuality and to learn who I am as a sexual, sensual woman. I decided to take Zoey’s 8-Week course for women, Embodying the Feminine.

In the course, I experienced heart opening, grieving, un-shaming, healing, empowering, being witnessed, being supported, being heard, laughing and crying, dancing and melting into the physical pleasure that my body had never experienced before.

This connection to my own life force, to my sexuality and to my creativity, has moved me to start a new project that I've been wanting to do for a long time: offering body based, pleasure driven photographic experiences to women to explore their own sexuality through visual images.

My partner and I are also now going through a big transformation, which is bringing us into ever-deeper intimacy. It’s the experience I always longed for, but never thought would be possible for me. Our sex life has reached a totally new level because I am learning to ask for what my body desires. There's still a lot of learning and healing that needs to be done, but I believe that working with sexuality is an absolutely necessary part of the path. Embodying the Feminine opened the door to this path for me.


Working with Zoey is both a challenge & a lovely adventure. While it often feels scary to “feel” things that have been avoided or uncomfortable with it always feels better to get to the other side, empowering to start learning that all the feelings are ok and necessary. Her gentle energy creates a feeling of safety and being supported. She is helping us communicate in new ways and to discover feelings/thoughts that we haven’t been able to connect with previously individually or as a couple. The further we go on this journey the more we realize how much more there is ahead of us to discover ~ we are excited to keep working with Zoey and experience all that we can.

Jacqui & Darren

I am so glad I felt brave enough to book a group of sessions with Zoey Wren this summer. As someone who has been doing my own healing work for some time I was intrigued after attending one of Zoey’s events. I decided I was ready to take on this opportunity to delve deeper into my “emotional lockbox.”

While working with Zoey, I learned so many things about myself and my needs in relationship. I learned about my partner’s needs and how we differed. I am beyond thankful for Zoey’s interactive and nurturing approach. She is so intuitive and able to cater each session to individual needs of her clients. Her approach is something I don’t believe is easy to find. She will hold you accountable and hold your hand as you step one foot at a time to a journey of deeper self knowing and improved awareness in relationship.

Since I have done this work with her I really feel like a switch has flipped within me. I have experienced a deeper and more unconditional love and knowing for myself. I went from feeling confused, stuck, and a bit depressed to feeling confident and free to create the life I have always wanted. I also have received amazing support and acknowledgement, as many friends and acquaintances have observed how happy and healthy I look and that I am almost glowing. I want to thank Zoey from the bottom of my heart for guiding me to awaken a part of me that lay dormant for much of my life!


What was helpful about the women’s course was the opportunity to discuss the sexual part of me, to welcome and own that part of me. I appreciated the opportunity to talk with other women about sex, when the norms of our culture suggest that sex should not be a topic for conversation. I feel energetically lighter and less constricted as a result of Zoey’s workshop, and more in touch with my body. Thank you Zoey!