Petal5™ Touch

Petal5™ is Touch.  I’m hoping if you’re reading this blog that you’ve already read, and hopefully even practiced, Petals 1,2,3 and 4.  If you haven’t, click here to access all the 5Petal™ basic intro tracks. Petal5™ is, in some ways, the one that we are most familiar with.  Yet, as women we need permission to … Read more

Petal3™ Breath

Petal3™ is Breath.  Breath is such an important part of our existence.  It’s our foundation, our fundamental life force energy.  In the practice of tantra, we consciously and intentionally bring awareness to our breath, so we can literally change how much sensation we’re feeling, how much emotion we’re feeling and how much energy is building.  … Read more

Petal2™ Movement

Petal2™ is Movement. Movement is exactly what it sounds like.  It’s about getting energy circulating through your whole body, through any activity that not only gets you moving, but also gets your heart open. Warm up for self-pleasure can be something joyful like dance or going for a walk outside in nature.  It can be … Read more

Petal1™ Space

Petal1™ is Space.  This includes both inner space and outer space.  Space is the number one important petal for women because it is not always easy for women to get in the mood for sex or sensuality.  There’s quite a lot of the societal programming in the way.  None of the other petals really work … Read more