Connecting to Pleasure Through Sound

In January I made the first of many video blogs.  It was called Saying Yes to Pleasure.  I’m finally following up with another video.  This one is on the power of sound. Many of you know about my background with sound, as an energy healer and singer/songwriter/recording artist.  Sound is very powerful for connecting on an … Read more

Holy Hail

I have been giving presentations on sound healing for the past year and a half focusing on research and science, as well as offering voice workshops for self-expression, personal awareness and healing. I love this work. I find the research absolutely fascinating and awe-inspiring. I have had great feedback from the workshops and also great … Read more

Neighbourhood Sound Healing

My husband and I live in a suburb of Vancouver called Pleasantside. This neighbourhood used to serve as a summer cottage getaway. Every house is oriented for a view of the Burrard Inlet so the houses stack one upon the other on a hillside. Since our house is lower on the hill we live, effectively, … Read more

A Powerful Shift

Four years ago I had a powerful experience that marked my transition from being an urban recluse to trusting and sharing my gifts as a healer. For a decade I had been holed up in a Vancouver apartment, studying complimentary healing and practicing yoga and meditation. Each day my husband would go off to work … Read more