Power of 4 Coaching Circle

Power of 4 Coaching Circle

Has there ever been a time where togetherness has felt so important?Right now we are in a time of great change. The feminine voice is rising and the Divine Feminine is emerging.  Are you feeling isolated or disconnected? Are you ready to make some positive changes in your life? Have you thought about 1:1 coaching but feel concerned about the expense? … Read more

Turn on takes time

Turn On Takes Time: Pt. 1

I was having a medical exam last week, a pelvic exam actually. If you’re a woman, you’ve probably had that experience where something’s being inserted inside and you notice your brain realizing that it’s not sex. It makes it so obvious how much our brains are involved in whether or not we are turned on. … Read more

Here She Comes

“I am wondering what is the way for creativity to flow smoothly and steadily.  Met with natural pauses and rough and tumble play.  Wild intensity met with soft mothering, sheer necessity and deep yearning met with reassurance and solidity. I am wondering what is the way for shared energy to be smooth and steady.  Met … Read more

Why HER (Your) pleasure matters…a channeled message

A woman’s power comes from saying yes.  Saying HER yes. Yes to her right to say yes.  Yes to her right to say no.  Yes to her maybe. Yes to choosing.  Yes to having the power of choice to follow her heart, her intuition, her emotions, her creativity, her body, at every turn, in every moment.  For inspiration on why female … Read more

LOVE..and more female pleasure!

If you are like me, your societal programming did not teach you how to follow your pleasure or direct a lover… Here’s the program I got, what about you?  Find THE ONE. When you find them, they are supposed to GIVE you pleasure Oh, and they are supposed to automatically know how to give you the EXACT KIND of pleasure … Read more