Low Desire and the 3 Parts of Your Brain

In this week’s video I am sharing with you something juicy: 

Did you know that 3 parts of your brain are active in sex?  Want to know what happened specifically to these parts of your brain when you first woke up to your sexual self in puberty?  Because it affects your desire for sex now…

First, I must pay homage as this information comes through a beloved and amazing sexuality mentor, Layla Martin.  It is such powerful information that I wanted to put it in my own words for you!

Watch the video to learn how and why your brain may be stopping you from wanting sex.  

So many influences around you affected your cortex growing up.  These included what you saw in your own mother, what you learned from sex ed in school (NOT MUCH!) as well as what you saw in the media, maybe porn (YIKES!) and what other kids were saying and doing.  

The cortex is the part of your brain that checks for social appropriateness.  Due to your programming, yours learned to shut off your natural urges and strong feelings.  Now your limbic brain is trying to catch up and it is creating some storms in doing so…

Watch this video to learn why your limbic system needs catch up as you start your process of sexual healing.

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We are all in this together and remember – Love is Your Nature,
 – Zoey Wren

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