coaching for couples

Transform your relationship into a doorway of thriving health, passionate living and connected loving…

Here’s what we can work through:


Feeling unheard in your relationship?
Do you keep having the same arguments?

  • Learn how to communicate needs, desires and boundaries
  • Explore non-verbal ways of bonding and creating a two-way energy circuit
  • Repair conversations for when connection is lost


Are you feeling disconnected? Is your relationship triggering emotional insecurity?

  • Discover each other’s core attachment wounds and what to do about them
  • Learn to take responsibility for your own projections
  • Deepen empathy and attunement skills toward your partner
  • Discern how (and when) to self-soothe or seek support from your partner


Has the passion disappeared in your intimacy life? Want to increase your sexual compatibility? Are you unsure of how to please your partner?

  • Teach each other what words, touch, energy and gestures lead to your hottest turn-ons
  • Learn how to navigate sexual differences and preferences
  • Work on healing sexual and body issues
  • Revitalize and expand your love life!

As a couples coach, I draw from the somatic wisdom and awareness of both partners to help carve pathways of communication and playfulness that are often fun and surprising!

This is a healing and educational process that fast tracks “stories” and gets to the heart of energy flowing naturally.


My couples coaching work draws strongly on the work of:

Esther Perel
Revitalizing passion, making monogamy more juicy

Stan Tatkin
Attachment healing

Jack Morin
Understanding your erotic nature

Sue Johnson
Emotional Focused Couple Therapy

Marshall Rosenberg
Non-violent communication

Emily Nagoski
Understanding female pleasure and desire differences

Betty Dodson
Self pleasure for women

Layla Martin
Tantra for our modern world

Ma Ananda Sarita
Tantra practices and principles

Regena Thomashauer
Women’s empowerment and sacred sexuality

Celeste Hirschmann and Danielle Harel
Somatica® coaching method

Mariah Moser
Relational Somatic Therapy, attachment, developmental and trauma healing

Peter Levine
Healing trauma

Bessel Van Der Kolk
Somatic healing principles

David Schnarch
Understanding individuation in couples

grow together

I also teach couples my signature 5 Petal™ Tantra Practice Method.

This brings together connection, communication and sexuality in a set of tools and rituals that hold a unique container for learning, growing and healing!


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