Here She Comes

“I am wondering what is the way for creativity to flow smoothly and steadily.  Met with natural pauses and rough and tumble play.  Wild intensity met with soft mothering, sheer necessity and deep yearning met with reassurance and solidity.

I am wondering what is the way for shared energy to be smooth and steady.  Met with kind and respectful pauses, eye contact and checking in of hearts.  Wild abandon met with clear attunement, aching need and sudden angst met with warmth and tenderness.

Maybe the need to produce does not have to be so urgent. Maybe the climb to plateau does not have to be so steep, rocky and perilous.

For nature moves slowly and surely.  While we, gleaning a taste of our wildness go suddenly berserk and hungry.  Why?  Because it was once taken from us? We were left wandering the streets of our lives starving for the bread crumbs of colour, passion, meaning and aliveness?

But now pleasure and inspiration come in tidal waves…

Can we ride the waves smoothly?  Can we harness their power?

We do not need to swallow nourishment whole, in one bite, as if it will never come again.  We need to gently beckon. We need to appreciate.  We need to show up.  We need to commit to the page, the easel, the forest, the altar, the yoga mat, the body, the drum, the cushion, floor, candle, ocean, cello.  And then we need to drink deep.

We need to breathe and breathe and breathe.  Slowly, slowly, slowly. We need to disappear.  For She is not ours.  She never was.  She is the Goddess.  Who moves through us and can never be tamed.  And as we honour her, she takes up residence within.  Our lives become a constant prayer, a constant dance, a constant celebration.  Of beauty.  Of love, prosperity, grace, vitality, radiance.  Of inspiration, protection, and infinite joy.

Slow and steady now.  Here she comes.  The Goddess. In spirals, circles, waves.  Steady.”

-White Deer Turtle Woman

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