I spent 3 weeks in nature with my partner…

I spent 3 weeks in nature with my partner this summer…and we survived!  

In the next few emails I will share with you some of the lessons and adventures that we received from our amazing 3 week camping trip in the Valhalla wilderness, where we had to canoe across the lake to get supplies when we ran out of food!  

This was probably the most powerful & spiritual relationship experience yet of my life.

Here was our home on the lake for 3 weeks:

With Covid this spring, Reuben and I both felt strongly pulled to do a deep dive, away from society, with nature as our guide and support.

Reuben’s intention was to SLOW DOWN……Slow way down.

Mine was to embrace the feeling of being enough, of having enough, of doing enough. I wanted to open my ability to receive more of what I already have, of who I already am.

And of course in order to meet these two intentions, we had some cleansing and clearing to do.  You can’t go from wound up and somewhat disconnected and exhausted to clear and pure and there…

The first night we were there was a HUGE thunderstorm.  Thunder and rain and lightning racked our tent.  Then we awoke to a fresh new world, an open sky, and a crystal clear lake.   I had a sense of what I would become from this nature immersion. 
Here I am stretching my legs after the storm:

Using the mirror of the natural world, one of our main explorations during these 3 weeks was:

“Where are our blindspots in our full alignment with LOVE?”

Because where we are out of alignment we use power blindly!  

This led to some incredible insights into sexuality, the patriarchy, our nervous systems, and the state of the world. 

*                            *                                     *                              *                              *

Back at home, I know I have been changed forever from this trip.  I am humbled by the plants and animals on this planet, the vast sky, the velvet waters, the beauty of the sunrise, the sun on my skin, the pleasure in my body, the majesty of the stars at night.   And how do I hold onto all this beauty?  I share it, of course!

So I’m excited to share more insights with you.  For now, here are a couple of gems for you to enjoy, plus some exciting news…

I am launching a new website on Oct. 1st and it is SUPER SEXY!!  I have been working hard all summer with an incredible team to bring my work more alive and clear online.  



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