The Deeper Purpose of LGBTQ+

In my work with individuals and couples I experience so many different expressions of gender and sexual orientation. More and more people are coming out with their own version and label of where they are on the “rainbow.” And coming out with what it means to them uniquely.

I was so inspired last spring to hear a two-spirit First Nations Elder speaking an introduction at a multi artist burlesque show. He shared that two spirits are honoured in their culture as carriers of great wisdom. They carry gifts and are respected and seen as leaders in the community.

At a very deep level, our planet is calling for a shakeup right now.

There has been a rift between masculine and feminine, an inequality, a “power over” model that is not sustainable for a thriving global community or for our dear mother Earth.

The imbalance has caused actions, hurts, and economic decisions like stockpiling and amassing resources that don’t bring happiness, freedom, or wellbeing in the end. Thus, we have the vicious cycle of ‘more, better, bigger, faster.’

Our economic rat race leads to disappointment, aggravation and disembodied thirst for ever more. We have been digging for happiness in the wrong places. Because we don’t know our true selves. And because we don’t allow our true inner freedom.

How will this stop?

If you think about it, simply stepping out of the traditional heterosexual model of relationship suddenly brings things to question at a deep societal level. What roles belong to whom? Who dresses like what? How does this affect how others see and interact with this person? With you? Your partner? This is why we are seeing more and more variety on the gender and sexual orientation spectrum. It is time for a new program!

LGBTQ+ is here to grow and here to stay. It is here to break the program. By simply being on the spectrum and out-of-the-box, you are declaring that the social conditioning around sexuality and power dynamics doesn’t work for you. It’s never going to. And whether or not you see yourself as a leader, you are!

So now imagine a society where you were lavished with admiration for being different. Imagine you were asked for your fresh perspective, for your wisdom and advice? You were asked to lead ritual, group decision, process, healing ceremony. This is your true purpose.

Our current “Eagle” society desperately needs the wisdom and input of the “Condor” peoples at this time. If you look around the world and see so much changing, it is because the vision of change is finally coming. LGBTQ+ is definitely one of the catalysts. Power to the pride!

Love Is Your Nature,


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