LOVE..and more female pleasure!

If you are like me, your societal programming did not teach you how to follow your pleasure or direct a lover…

Here’s the program I got, what about you?

  •  Find THE ONE.
  • When you find them, they are supposed to GIVE you pleasure
  • Oh, and they are supposed to automatically know how to give you the EXACT KIND of pleasure you like…
  • If not, they are not in fact THE ONE!

Could anything be further from the truth?  That a man in particular just knows how to please a woman?  And that there is just one “Mr (or Mrs). Right” out there?

In my newsletter last week I wrote about the wilderness adventure that Reuben and I went on this summer for 3 weeks.  We really had time to slow down and tune in to the pace of nature.  This took us deep beyond our usual relationship triggers and gender programming.  And of course we had more time to practice sacred sex.

After this powerful retreat experience in the wild, both Reuben and I are more committed than ever to sharing what we have learned about:

How WOMEN naturally experience sex and what WOMEN need from sex. 

And how to become a MASTER LOVER to a woman, as a man.

You may have heard that we are launching our 5Petal™ Tantra practice method.  The goal of the 5Petal™ Tantra practice method is to honour the pace, needs and sensitivity of the female as a path to enlightenment for both.

For a man, this means learning to follow a woman’s needs and directives in sex.  In order for him to do so he must learn to slow down, way down, to have complete ejaculation choice, and to feel pleasure throughout his whole body.

For a woman, this means really knowing your body. Being able to connect to your PC and all your body sensations. Being able to use breath, sound and movement. Opening your voice as your body opens to all its natural rhythms. Being able to tap your intuition, feel your energy circuitry, run energy in the way that you choose, at the wattage you choose, and being able to communicate all that you need to a lover.

If this sounds daunting, well it is.  Because, well…the program.

  But it it a beautiful path.  Tantra leads you to deep self confidence, rich and unstoppable creativity, and whole-life fulfillment and wellbeing.  Like any path, it is just one step at a time….

I’m very excited to be launching my new website on Oct. 1st where I will continue to share what I am learning in this grand adventure, and hopefully help and inspire you more!

Remember, Love is Your Nature!

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