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These recordings were created for healing, relaxation, meditation and creative inspiration.  All original music by Zoey Wren.

Check out Sounding the Chakras for a powerful self tune-up and way to connect to your spirit.  Light on the Water is perfect for zen relaxation and chill-out inspiration.  Make Me A River is a great album to sing to and live by.  Click on and listen to individual tracks or purchase the CD online.

$12.97 CAD

Make me a river

A collection of original spiritual prayers and songs touching on Native American, African, Vedic, and Latin. The arrangements for Make Me A River were performed by some of Vancouver’s finest studio musicians.

$12.97 CAD

Light on the Water

A collection of solo piano meditations – perfect for yoga, massage, relaxation, and gentle background music. Light on the Water was recorded live in a church with beautiful acoustics.

$9.97 CAD

Sounding the Chakras

A new and innovative “vibrational sing-along” with which you can energize, harmonize, and vitalize your chakras through your own voice. Zoey provides a useful introductory track explaining which colour tone and vowel sounds are associated with the chakras, and what to expect, as well as different ways to attune with this music.

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